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First Year Quad

The Leadership Ambassadors


Gilad Katz, Class of 2026  

Leadership Ambassador

Major: B Biology

Hobbies: I love hanging out with friends, reading, running, and listening to music.

Why Join RHA: I choose RHA because I want help make a difference on campus and make sure that everyone at home on campus!


IMG_7693 (1).jpg

Emily Woodruff, Class of 2026

Leadership Ambassador

Major: Public Health

Hobbies:  I love reading, being outdoors, making pottery, and taking care of all my plants! 

Why Join RHA: I chose to join RHA because I saw everything that my RA, D'Lion, and Fellow were doing to make my dorm a welcoming environment, and I wanted to be a part of it to improve experiences for others. 



Vasean Annin, Class of 2026 

Leadership Ambassador


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