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First Year Hill

The Leadership Ambassadors


Manita Opoku, Class of 2026  

Leadership Ambassador

Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing along to Musicals and trying out new make-up looks.

Why Join RHA: My freshman year of highschool I signed myself up for a variety of clubs, one of them being Student 2 Student, which I fell in love with, and ended up being president of. RHA reminds me of S2S in so many ways. They provide opportunities to get to know my peers and advocate for them. As a leadership ambassador here at UR, I want to build lasting relationships and help others do the same. I hope that as I take on this great responsibility, I'll eventually be able to share the wealth by bringing us together and finding ways to better the First Year Hill. skills!



Joshua Daniels, Class of 2026  

Leadership Ambassador

Major: Economics

Hobbies:  I play soccer, multiple instruments, and love to ski

Why Join RHA: I chose RHA because I want to give back to the people around me who have made my experience here so welcoming and enjoyable



Guy Emrich, Class of 2026 

Leadership Ambassador

Major: Political Science and Economics

Hobbies: I love Sci-fi and Fantasy stuff, and I love the outdoors

Why Join RHA: I chose RHA because I have a passion for advocacy and taking impactful action for my community


Previous RHA Events:

Pumpkin Painting

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