RHA E-Board Members 

Class of 2022

STEVEN DAI,              


Major: Data Science  and Economics 

Hobbies: I like reading and watching anime 

Fun Fact: I have white hair (LOTS OF IT!)

Why I Joined RHA: I really liked Hall-Council and the experiences that I had there! I could never forget the bonds that I have made and the contributions we have provided back to the community! I am excited to experience the same thing in RHA. If you see me around, say Hi!  

Contact info: sdai4@u.rochester.edu

Professional pic.JPG

Major: Computer Science and Business

Hobbies: I love playing soccer, play video games, and watch movies

Fun Fact: I am an assistant fitness trainer and training to be a trainer.

Why I Joined RHA: One of the reasons, I joined RHA is to be more involved with Residential Life and be a part of the amazing team.

Contact info: 

HASIN ANIK, Class of 2023          

Vice President


JULIA CHRISBACHER, Class of 2024      

Director of Finance

Major: Neuroscience

Hobbies: Lifting, cooking, snowboarding!

Fun Fact: Orange is both my favorite color and fruit!

Why I Joined RHA: I joined RHA to connect more with the UR community and gain leadership experience. I also wanted to join an association outside of academics that worked as a team dedicated to helping other students.

Contact info: jchrisba@u.rochester.edu

Jared Coffey, Director of Marketing_edited.jpg

Director of Marketing

JARED COFFEY, Class of 2024             

Major: Data Science with a Concentration in Business and Economics

Hobbies: Filmmaking, exercising, scouting

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's Cube!

Why I Joined RHA: I joined RHA initially as a Leadership Ambassador, which was a new program at the time. I loved being a part of a group that got stuff done and worked together more as a team rather than as just an "organization". 

Contact info: jcoffey7@u.rochester.edu


Director of External Relations

Major: Psychology, Public Health

Hobbies:  Weight-lifting, Tennis

Fun Fact: I am from a super small farm town that is the "Onion Capital of the World!"

Why I Joined RHA: I really wanted to get more involved with campus organizations after everything was pretty much remote last semester. I saw the position and it seemed like a great opportunity for me to pursue!

Contact info: iriner@u.rochester.edu

IZZY RINER, Class of 2024

RHA logo.png

Director of Community Engagement



Fun Fact:

Why I Joined RHA: 

Contact info: