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RHA Executive Board

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JARED COFFEY, Class of 2024  


Major: Data Science, Business 

Hobbies: Filmmaking, Boxing 

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's Cube

Why Join RHA: Da legacy!



JOSHUA JONES, Class of 2025

Vice President

Major: Business, Brain & Cognitive Science

Hobbies: I love to play soccer, exercise, and watch movies

Fun Fact: I am never satisfied with the RHA website!!

Why Join RHA: Da Clout, of course (jk...unless??)

Contact info:


GLORIA NG, Class of 2025

Director of  Community Outreach

Major: Public Health, Biology (minor)

Hobbies: Swimming, hanging out with friends!

Fun Fact: I have a 20-lb cat whose name is Oliver!

Why Join RHA: Da swag!

Contact info:


IZZY RINER, Class of 2024  

Director of External Relations and Project Management

Major: Psychology and Public Health

Hobbies: Lifting, farming onions

Fun Fact: I used to eat 2 lbs of carrots per day!

Why Join RHA: Da Programs!

Contact info:


JANE CHO, Class of 2025

Director of Finance

Major: Business, Neuroscience

Hobbies: Making fun of Jared

Fun Fact: Sometimes I pretend that I can't talk to get out of tough conversations

Why Join RHA: Da $$

Contact info:


Olivia Ritz, Class of 2025

Director of Marketing

Major: Marketing

Hobbies: Baking, journaling, drawing 

Fun Fact: I've been playing Lacrosse since the 2nd Grade!

Why Join RHA: Da views

Contact info:

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