RHA E-Board Members 

Class of 2022

STEVEN DAI,              


Major: Data Science  and Economics 

Hobbies: I like reading and watching anime 

Fun Fact: I have white hair (LOTS OF IT!)

Why Join RHA: I really liked Hall-Council and the experiences that I had there! I could never forget the bonds that I have made and the contributions we have provided back to the community! I am excited to experience the same thing in RHA. If you see me around, say Hi!  

Contact info: sdai4@u.rochester.edu

Professional pic.JPG

Major: Computer Science and Business

Hobbies: I love playing soccer, play video games, and watch movies

Fun Fact: I am an assistant fitness trainer and training to be a trainer.

Why Join RHA: One of the reasons, I joined RHA is to be more involved with Residential Life and be a part of the amazing team.

Contact info: 

HASIN ANIK, Class of 2023          

Vice President &

Director of Marketing


KEVIN TUSIIME,              

Director of Finance

Major: Computer Science 

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies are Writing and Lifting.

Fun Fact: I said my first words at 6 months.

Why Join RHA: I joined RHA because, why not? RHA is low key but gets things done and I love to be part of such a team.

Contact info: rtusiime@u.rochester.edu

Class of 2023


Director of External Relations

ISABELLA MIHOK,              

Major: English and Italian

Hobbies: I love cooking, baking, fitness, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Fun Fact: I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Why Join RHA: I joined RHA because I wanted to be involved in housing and get to know everyone on campus! I am so glad that I can be able to be a part of this wonderful group and that I can help my fellow classmates with anything that they may need!

Contact info: imihok@u.rochester.edu

Class of 2023


Director of Community Development

Major: Political Science

Hobbies: Baking, journaling, drawing 

Fun Fact: I have seen two former U.S. Secretaries of State speak!

Why Join RHA: After having been involved with Hall Council in my first year at the U of R, I became more interested in how campus culture can make a difference in each student’s experience here on campus. I wanted to join RHA to continue to get more involved with helping everyone find comfort, enjoyment, a home, and a family here on campus.

Contact info: mfuchs4@u.rochester.edu

MICHAELA FUCHS, Class of 2023